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25 Places For Events Organization At Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

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Only 45-minute drive from Hanoi, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is a perfect venue for company gala parties, year-end meetings and teambuilding. Aside from the charming natural scenery for the resort, it is impossible and undoubtedly the number of diverse and event that is modern, enhanced by professional and caring services, satisfy most demanding customers. The mixture of high-class architecture, flexible space and generous natural landscapes is the reason why Flamingo Dai Lai Resort the very first choice for year-end events.
1. Symphony Hall
On the starboard side because of the entrance connecting the Forest within the Sky, Symphony Hall has a design of 1050m2 with a capacity all the way to 600 guests. The Symphony Hall conference room is equipped with modern facilities, a space that is check-in photography and a lavish backdrop designed on demand, a spacious put up stage and a luxurious lighting and sound system. Symphony Hall promises to be a high-class place for sumptuous and elegant parties or large conferences and seminars.
2. Opera Hall
Nestled in the rear of a form of art grass hill and a stone wall that runs 50 meters from Forest in the Sky, the Opera conference room has a space that is unique a bamboo dome, a private reception desk, LED screen and audio system, bar - advanced lighting - especially suited to seminars, formal conferences or parties of significantly less than 250 guests.
3. Opera House
Located close to the left of Forest when you look at the Sky building hall, Opera House has an official and elegant meeting space with white tones, waiting room and reception counter. Opera House includes 1 conference that is main and 2 meeting rooms with various areas designed with modern theater systems and projectors, suitable for holding conferences, formal conferences and small events.
4. Charm Palace
Isolated on a hill involving the surrounding acacia forest, Charm Palace restaurant is a lot like a pearl in the middle of the forest. It will be the ideal venue for luxurious and private events with a capacity of 100 guests within the restaurant and 80 guests in the outside corridor area. The inside associated with the restaurant is made in an exceptionally cozy style that is traditional lanterns and wooden furnishings, transparent glass walls maximize outdoor light for an appropriate and pleasant feeling to participate.
5. Biz Space
A co-working that is smart space with open, modern and personality design and perfect service quality, Biz Space is supposed to be a trusted companion for creative ideas and breakthroughs in just about every group meeting. , talk with partners, or do personal work. Biz Space is found from the floor that is first of Forest building when you look at the Sky, close to the check-in counter additionally the restaurant, bar, spa and function rooms have become convenient for transportation.
6. Bamboo Wings Wine cella
Nestled in the hills of green grass, Bamboo Wings wine - cellar offers an upscale knowledge about private space, luxurious architecture and wine collection that is rare. The cozy atmosphere that is european-style of cellar would work for private wine parties.
7. Forest Restaurant
Forest Restaurant is a nice-looking highlight in the Forest Service Center, bringing luxurious but close, untouched space that is culinary. Modern design blended with tradition, the roof is completely covered with guot trees has brought softness to the project making use of the materials that are"hard of iron, steel and brick.
8. Poem Restaurant
Enclosed by a glass that is large through the floor to the roof and skylight in the center, the restaurant seems to be "transparent" in the exact middle of greenery, full of day light, connected unlimitedly towards the romantic scenery outside, creating a nice-looking vitality for culinary space. The restaurant serves buffet and à la carte food, offering feast that is luxurious in the exact middle of nature.
9. Sky Bar
Sky Bar owns a backyard garden bar as a romantic highlight within the sky that is blue. With an design that is open welcomes natural light and a view that embraces the entire beautiful land, it includes a culinary experience that combines relaxation among the clouds.
10. Sky Restaurant, 11th flr
Capacity: 170 people
11. Sky Restaurant, 10th flr
Capacity: 230 people
12. Poem Bar
Featured with a bamboo that is unique, like the soaring wings flying into the sky of Dai Lai, Poem Bar has a soft and gentle attitude, creating an excellent sense of relaxation, particularly when enjoying with perfect cocktails. If you want to organize an outdoor wine party, the Poem Bar may be the perfect choice.
13. Forest Bar Restaurant
+ 100 guests outdoor set up sitting
+ 150 guests outdoor set up stand, no tables and chairs
14. Palm Pool
Blending the space between outdoors and indoors, the Palm Pool Bar is a spot where every visitor can take away all worries to immerse within the melody that is uplifting. The area here is suitable for pool parties in lively music, providing you with a wonderful experience with the center of this oasis.
15. The Beach
The Beach Bar is adjacent to the beach with a spacious and view that is romantic with an open architecture, gentle lines, creating an amiable, elegant space for fun meetings or relaxing moments. The Beach beach area is selected by many customers to organize team building, weddings, fairs and other large-scale events with an unlimited capacity.
16. Flamingo Stage
Flamingo stage is found in the lobby of Forest building within the Sky, with spacious grassy hills, ideal for outdoor events such as for instance weddings, festivals or New Year countdown parties.
- Capacity: 500 guests
17. Bamboo Wings Restaurant’s space that is open
Capacity: Maximum of 180 guests
Put up the stage and back drop, mobile audio set, not set up the projection screen.
18. Babylon Hanging Garden
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon bring a captivating beauty to the elevated walkway between lush greenery, wooden bridges spanning Koi fish ponds, and hundreds of miniature hanging gardens cultivating rare flower varieties as a unique dot in the middle of the century building. Babylon Hanging Gardens could be a venue for intimate standing parties of about 20 individuals with a set of round up cards.
19. The Eden
Capacity: Maximum of 150 people
20. The garden spaces of President Private Palaces in Southern Area
Flashy, classy and deluxe will be the beauties in terms of Legend Mansion - a symbol of nobility is a lot like a diamond from the peninsula that is southern. Anyone who passes here cannot help but admire at the architecture regarding the lush green garden mansion lying proudly from the picturesque Dai Lai lake. This is also the perfect space for holding weddings or intimate private events in a noble style.
21. The garden space of President Private Palace H6
Capacity: Maximum of 60 people
22. The garden spaces of President Private Palaces in Hilltop Area
Capacity: Maximum of 70 people
23. Rose Island
Capacity: Maximum of 300 guests
Put up the stage and back drop, mobile audio set, not set up the projection screen.
24. Bamboo Wings
Pride of Vietnamese architecture with several international awards - Bamboo Wings restaurant serves many different Asian cuisine in an open space, depicting the good thing about wind, water, trees and hills of art grass.
25. Container Bar
Located in the studio section of the Art into the Forest museum, Container Bar is a favorite stop for travelers staying in Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. Located between pine forest and also the art gallery, Container Bar offers a unique space for stylish parties where guests can both benefit from the party and enjoy the arts.
Capacity: Maximum of 70 guests (Due to affecting the dwelling of deck and container floor, this is the maximum capacity that is safe